This history of the Senior Team

Replenished in 2004 by Dave Enderson, Simon Sweetman and Mike Bernie, The senior team has enjoyed five prosperous seasons since. Originally under the tenure of Pat Finn, who led Park through its tumultous early days of 04/05. During this time it was difficult to get a squad structure and the team suffered from this.

2005 saw the introduction of Jim Shiggins as manager, Jim's presence was felt immediately with heavy emphasis placed on fitness within the squad, Jim organised high tempo sessions which led to a run of better results and a a notoriety for hard work within the set up that hadnt existed before, excess baggage within the squad was cut seeing new players make a transition towards a newly respected and resurgent Park squad. Jim's first season was an over all succes with Park finishing fourth in the league, a serious improvement on the previous year, with numbers growing it was felt that a second team needed to be introduced, this came about in late 2005 with Cormac Heffernan coming onboard the coaching team with Jim. The two managers immediately came together and pooled their idea's on how to improve both teams.

06/07 The momentum really kicked in these seasons, due to a combination of the two commanders in chief, Shiggins and Heffernan, plus a willingness within the two teams to win trophies and put their names on the map, The Sunday team went a record 21 games unbeaten and were tied with St.Vincents Hospital points wise on the closing day of the Season, They competed in the Tom Cullen Cup Final after enormous quarter and semi Final wins against Blanchardstown and Verona (who topped the league ahead) Park cruised through a comfortable final to claim the cup and the teams first piece of silverware, unfortunately they couldnt match this performance a week later when they faced St.Vincents in a league play off. It was a heartbreaking outcome, a credit to this inspired team is that they all vowed to put things right the following season and work even harder. The Saturday team endured a difficult season seeing them finish fifth, they were struck by a lack of depth and commitment in the squad which became too much for manager Jim Shiggins who put his heart and soul into the Saturday team, Unfortunately he parted ways with the senior set up at the end of that year, when he decided to take the reins of his sons U'11 squad, who to Jim's credit went on to have a very successfull season.

07/08 saw Cormac take charge of both Saturday and Sunday teams, this along with a fresh influx of players was a mamooth task for Cormac to undertake by himself, but he did it tirelessly all the same, aided later in the season by the addition of Paddy Boyle Snr as Assistant coach. The Sunday team went on to redeem the previous years dissapointment by winning the Divison 2 title and retaining the Tom Cullen Cup for a second year. A great run in the much coveted Leinster Junior Cup saw them fall in the quarter final to the might of Kilkenny's Freebooters, who went on to win the cup, many scalps were taken during the team and Park became known as Giant killers. This accolade was rewarded when they won 'Leinster Senior Team of the year', the highest award in the league, a massive accomplishment when you consider the competition were established outfits like, 'Wayside Celtc and Tolka Rovers'. The Saturday team heartbreakingly missed out on 3rd place in the league and a promotion place after they were beaten by Blackrock on the final day of the season, although they reached the semi final of the Leinster Junior Shield, it was felt they could improve on this form in the coming year.

08/09 Has seen Pappy take the reins of the Saturday who after a rocky start are now well placed to go top of the league if they win their games at hand, the sunday team is second behind Robbie Keane's 'Fettercairn', a very competent tallaght based team. Pre season saw Park under go Indian Army training techniques administered by a martial arts expert and also Rugby coaching provided by Stradbrook rugby club. The diversity in training techniques has seen Park improve its overall ability and squad strength, with numbers for the two teams at around 40 there is plenty of depth in both teams, Successes over the last few years have seen the teams stock rise enormously with many players now being attracted to Park Celtic. The team is planning its first trip abroad in January where they will be on a four day training camp in 'Barringtons', in the Algarve - Portugal,(where Liverpool had their pre season training this year) This is a huge undertaking for the team and will hopefully be the first of many future trips.

The Senior team would not be able to operate without the dedication and commitment from the men who have serviced the line over the last few years, notably, Pat Finn, Jim Shiggins, Cormac Heffernan, Paddy Boyle and R2D2. They have tirelessly given hundreds of hours to both teams, and are equally responsible for the trophies that have come as much as any one of the players. Through the support of Aidan Roddy,Ronan Reid and the Committe the senior team has never been short of equipment or assistance, the bond between Senior team and Club has been tightened over the last few years and continues to grow. During its five short years Park Celtic has achieved more than most clubs do in twenty years. This has been confounded by a 'Never back down' attitude, The bonds that have been formed by the men who have proudly worn the Park Crest will last a life time, I'll close with a quote f4om' Black Hawk Down' which i feel has embodied the spirit within the Club.
When I go home people'll ask me, "Hey Hoot, why do you do it man? What, you some kinda war junkie?" You know what I'll say? I won't say a goddamn word. Why? They won't understand. They won't understand why we do it. They won't understand that it's about the men next to you, and that's it. That's all it is.